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Pain relief

The Bodywork Guru offers Holistic Wellness Coaching and Rehabilitative Bodywork to help you achieve real pain relief and health transformation through result oriented solutions. With eight years of experience as a massage therapist, education in over twenty modalities, and a degree in healing arts, Leslie Meis will design the perfect combined protocol of bodywork, nutrition/herbal medicine, and self-care to bring you relief, even if you have already been failed by other treatment options! Call 303-246-9865 today to get started with an expert, holistic approach to pain, injury, and chronic stress completely focused on and centered around your individual needs. We will work as a team to identify what will best serve you on the path to relief and vitality so that you quickly achieve the best results possible.


meet your guru

leslie meis, BA, LMT, CYT

I have been a Professional Bodyworker and Massage Therapist since 2011.

Since then my passion has driven me to continue my education constantly. In 2017 I also became a Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor.

In 2018 I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Traditional Eastern Arts with an emphasis in Yoga from Naropa University.

In 2019 I hit the 10,000 hour mark for hands-on experience making me a Master Bodyworker.

As a Holistic Wellness Practitioner and Rehabilitative Specialist my vision is to offer a client centered and client focused, holistic approach to pain, injury, and chronic stress.